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Armed Security Guards Keep Threats of Violence in Check

Armed Security Guard St Louis At Twin City Security in St. Louis (TCS-St. Louis) we understand the emotional upheaval violence creates. TCS-St. Louis armed security guards are trained to use the least force necessary to de-escalate a threatening situation. Threatening situations in business and public facilities often come from to robberies, crowds, or corporate disputes.


Robbery uses force and intimidation to take money or goods. Most burglars are not sophisticated criminal masterminds. Often the burglars are not thinking rationally or planning their attack in detail. In fact, many robberies are committed under the influence of drugs.

Deterring irrational behavior is not easy. Armed security guards from TCS-St. Louis are trained to recognize a significant threat of robbery and react quickly. Our guards are prepared to use some level of force to stop a robbery, if necessary. Businesses prone to robberies include:

  • Convenience Stores

  • Liquor Stores

  • Pharmacies

  • Jewelry Stores

  • Gas Stations

  • Electronics Stores

  • Banks

Stores and businesses carrying merchandise with a high street value or doing a significant amount of cash transactions are at a high risk for robbery. The actual amount of cash or valuables are irrelevant if the robber thinks you have a lot- your business is at risk. Employees, owners, and customers may suffer severe emotional distress due to a robbery. A TCS-St. Louis armed security guard has the training to stop a robbery and work with the law enforcement when they arrive.

Armed Security Guards Aid Crowd Management

An event can change quickly from fun to dangerous when people lose control. Even small disputes can get violent when emotions run high, drugs are involved, or a person suffers from mental illness. Our armed security guards protect innocent bystanders by quickly taking control in dangerous situations. Crowds prone to fights, irrational behavior, and mob mentality include:

  • Concerts where high drug and alcohol use is prevalent

  • High stakes sporting events

  • Political rallies, marches, demonstrations, sit-ins

  • Raves

  • Insufficient supply of highly desirable items, such as big screen TVs on a Black Friday sale

Careful crowd management planning is instrumental in preventing problems. An armed security guard is a key component to many successful crowd management plans.

Corporate Disputes

Even generally peaceful workplaces suffer times of extreme stress occasionally. Stress brings out uncharacteristic violent behavior in some people. Consider contracting an armed guard from TCS-St. Louis when the following workplace situations occur:

  • Mass layoffs

  • Firing a hostile employee

  • Large scale reorganization of employees

  • Prevalent harassment

  • Filing a formal complaint with Human Resources

  • Whistleblowing on fraudulent acts

When Armed Security Guards are needed, Twin City Security in St. Louis is the Best Option

TCS-St. Louis provides all the permits and insurance to every armed guard. Each armed guard goes through a rigorous screening process and is licensed by the state of Missouri to carry the handgun. TCS-St. Louis exceeds the minimum Missouri standards for the training of armed security guards.

With our years of security experience in the Gateway area, we can help you make an informed decision about contracting for armed security or unarmed security.

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