Concierge Doorman Security - St Louis

St. Louis Relies on Doorman Security Officers for Safety and More

Doorman Security St Louis St. Louis boasts many fine establishments where people play, live, and work. Sometimes the posh environments attracts criminals in search of easy money. A doorman, also known as a concierge security officer, is a practical solution to provide both safety and public relations assistance. Many upscale locations in the Gateway area trust Twin City Security in St. Louis (TCS-St. Louis) to provide the very best doormen.

Send a Message

A visible security officer sends a strong message to would-be criminals to stay away, especially those wearing the TCS-St. Louis badge. Having a guard also tells patrons and employees their safety is a priority. The added sense of security allows them to feel relaxed and comfortable. For that reason, high-end residential HOAs and apartment buildings in St. Louis have doormen as part of their package of advertised amenities.

A doorman is often the first and last person someone sees as they enter a facility. A doorman, like other employees, must personify your brand image. TCS-St. Louis works closely with your facility management so the doorman adopts the uniform and the public persona to fit your establishment.

Is Concierge Security the Right Solution for your Establishment?

TCS-St. Louis team offers free assessments to the St. Louis and St. Charles metro area to evaluate your security risks. The assessment will help determine what level of security guard best meets your need. Doormen are an excellent solution for places with:

  • A lot of visitors, like government buildings and shopping centers

  • A lot of valuables, like hotels and high rise apartment buildings

  • A lot of employees, like commercial office buildings

  • A high crime rate, like the downtown district

  • A vulnerable population, like schools and hospitals

TCS-St. Louis Doormen are Experts in Security and Public Relations

Our doormen are classified as Level 2 security officers. They are thoroughly screened and trained for extensive public contact. They know how to act with authority, integrity, and to be constantly aware of the behavior of people around them. Whenever a security threat arises, they are able to de-escalate the problem quickly and then call for backup. They can also graciously help an elderly lady with an armload of packages.

Proactive Solutions

Most property losses from fires, theft, and vandalism can be avoided with proper security protocol. The concierge security guard takes responsibility for many of these critical duties. Check with your insurance to see how much of a discount you will get for having a full time doorman. Some of the standard practices to protect your assets from catastrophic loss include:

  • Regular or irregular patrols of the facility

  • Checking the IDs of unknown visitors

  • Keeping employee badges up-to-date

  • Inspecting alarms and fire extinguishers for batteries and expiration dates

  • Responding immediately to any emergency

  • Creating and maintaining loss prevention plans

A Team of Experts

No doorman wearing the TCS-St. Louis badge works alone. The management team and on-call team support each guard. We are also available to answer any client questions 24 hours a day.

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