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People in St. Louis and St. Charles Trust Twin City Security to Guard Them

Along the banks of the Missouri River and the Mississippi River, sit the two thriving cities of the Gateway area. St. Louis has many points of pride, but the high crime rate worries people. St. Charles has significantly less crime, but it still falls victim to vandalism and other property crimes. At Twin City Security (TCS-St. Louis), we dedicate ourselves to protecting people and property in the Gateway area.

How can the Most Trusted St. Louis Security Company Help You?

Do you need any of the following security services?

  • Special event security

  • A doorman providing concierge security service

  • A public relations officer for public place

  • Armed guard for protecting high value assets

  • Safety and security specialist for medical or industrial facilities

  • Remote surveillance for vacant lots

  • An unarmed guard to deter unwanted behaviors and crime

  • Fire watch for complying with state law when necessary

  • Gatekeeping services for maintaining a log of incoming and outgoing people and things

  • Patrolling the premises as required for basic safety and security issues

  • Monitoring entrance and egress locations for access issues

  • Or something different - See our comprehensive list of services

Perhaps you aren't sure what type of security you need. Our team of experts will determine your biggest threats using our vast knowledge of the local area and industry standards. Call us to set up your free, no obligation security assessment.

Why Hire TCS-St. Louis for Private Security?

Contracting a local private security company provides expert protection with less hassles than trying to manage your own security team. Our competitive prices will make you wonder why you didnít contact us before. If you are making the wise choice of transitioning to a private security company, our transition team helps make the process smooth. We began protecting Gateway residents, businesses, and locations in 1998. We built a solid reputation for:

  • Having expertly trained security officers

  • Customizing the security package to meet client needs and budget

  • Interacting with the public in a helpful and authoritative manner

  • Impeccable uniforms to match the clientís brand image

  • Enforcing safety policies to prevent emergencies

  • Proactively looking for security solutions to potential problems

  • Continuing officer training at each site to maintain 100% client satisfaction

  • Redundant safeguards, to ensure your assets are continuously protected

Who Contracts with TCS Security-St. Louis?

Please ask us for a referral from one of our many satisfied clients. We serve local businesses and government properties such as:

  • Airports

  • Hotels

  • Residential neighborhoods

  • Museums

  • Construction zones

  • Industrial plants

  • Office buildings

  • Schools

  • College and university campuses

  • Marinas

  • Banks

  • Malls and other retail locations

  • Hospitals

  • And more

TCS-St. Louis is the Best Security Company

We are a locally owned and managed company with the support from the original Twin City Security. That gives you the benefit of a company with over 40 years in developing the best training programs and management teams.

Don't let just anyone guard your location and the people living and working there.

Call us on 314‑432‑3800 for more information.

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