Private Security - St Louis

Why Have Security in St. Louis?

It's no secret that the need for security increases every day. If you manage a building in the St. Louis area, you know you need security. Your job is to determine the best way to provide protection at a reasonable cost. The cost of leaving people and assets vulnerable is simply too high to consider.

Two Security Options: Private Security and In-House Security

Managers and owners can set up their own security solutions or contract with a private security company. There are pros and cons to each, but most small to medium size locations find that contracting with a private security company provides the best protection for a reasonable price. Large companies may still decide to hire private security, but the decision is more complicated. Private security companies have the infrastructure, knowledge base, and experience to optimize your building security budget. Contracting with experts in the field allows managers to focus on tasks better suited to their skill set.

Twin City Security in St. Louis Provides the Best Service

At Twin City Security we strive to satisfy every client with our level of service. We are a locally owned and managed private security company, giving us the flexibility to customize every contract.

Our clients love us because:

  • We act proactively to deter crime and maintain a safe environment. You will have peace of mind with us guarding your facility.

  • We offer ongoing management support and quality assurance. You will be able to voice any concerns to a knowledgeable person. Steps will be taken to address your concerns.

  • Our highly knowledgeable transition team makes changing to us easy. Most clients wonder why they didn't switch to TCS-St.Louis sooner.

  • We keep employee turnover low so you get continuity.

  • We provide 24 hour 7 days a week support from our dispatch and monitoring center. You will never have a lapse in security.

  • We customize every security plan to maximize your budget and provide security solutions.

  • We provide training at each facility to ensure best practices are implemented. Your guards will follow the duties best suited to your environment.

  • Our FREE security assessment gives clients a better understanding of their risks. Some security risks are not apparent to the untrained eye.

  • The TCS-St. Louis parent company has over 40 years of security experience. They helped develop the training and standards that lead the way in security standards.

  • The client chooses the uniform style to match the company image. Security guard appearance and visibility are critical aspects of the profession.

  • We work with a wide variety of industries and match the security guard strengths and training to suit each client. Whether you run a museum or an industrial plant we have the right team for the job.

  • We offer event security and extra support when needed.

We are a Local Company

We have been operating in the Gateway Area since 1998. We have extensive knowledge of security challenges in St. Louis and St. Charles. You can't get the same level of attention and expertise from most companies.

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