Security Guard Company - St Louis

Twin City Security - Protecting the Gateway Community Since 1998

Since 1998, Twin City Security has been the most trusted name in St. Louis and St. Charles for protecting property and people. We are a locally owned and managed security guard company in St. Louis. Some security guard companies are big national brands with satellite branches from coast to coast. National security companies enjoy name recognition. But local security guard companies offer small and medium sized companies better service. Benefits of hiring a local security guard company include:

  • We have solid, long-standing relationships with local law enforcement and other first responders. Clients get the benefit of the relationships we have nurtured over the years.

  • We have the authority and ability to customize every contract to fit the client’s need. You get the security solutions you need and don't waste money on unnecessary expenses.

  • When you have a concern, you will be speaking with a local manager, or even the owner. We address concerns quickly and efficiently.

  • We know and understand the local history and cultural considerations in a security context.

  • We know and understand municipal codes, so you can avoid costly mistakes.

The Local Leaders in Customer Satisfaction

Being a local security guard company is St. Louis is valuable, but offering the best security in the industry is critical. Our reputation for excellent training and competitive pay gives us the ability to recruit and retain guards recognized for their superior level of professionalism. Our site and field supervisors check-in with the guards frequently. You have enough to do. You do not have to manage the guards.

Ours guards and our management team work together to:

  • Ensure every security guard that shows up to your event, or your facility, is prepared and dressed for the job.

  • Assess your security solutions frequently. You will always have best method to protect your assets and people, even when your security needs evolve.

  • Monitor your facility, using a combination of remote and on location surveillance strategies to provide continuous surveillance.

  • Look for ways to continually improve our service to you. We strive to exceed your expectations.

  • Simplify your facility management duties, letting you focus on what you do best.

  • Give you the quickest response time in the industry. A quick response to any type of incident can alter a potentially catastrophic loss into just a hassle.

  • Work closely with your team to promote healthy working relationships and a positive work environment.

  • Do regular safety inspections on alarm systems and access and egress locations.

  • Provide a transition team to reduce the stress of changing your security company.

  • Listen to your concerns and address them with action.

  • Provide a free security assessment.

TCS-St. Louis: A Good Fit for your Location

We work with many different industries and can provide several levels of security guards. Take a moment to read about the industries we serve and the solutions we provide. Then give us a call on 314-432-3800 to see what we can do for you.