Security Guards - St Louis

Twin City Security Guards Gives People a Sense of Security

Security Guards St Louis Being the victim of a crime is emotionally and financially devastating. Even property crimes exact a huge emotional toll on people. It is critical for people in high crime locations and high risk places, like jewelry stores and pharmacies, to see a uniformed security guard and surveillance technology. Employees will be more productive and customers will buy more when they feel safe.

Potential residents in luxury apartment complexes and high-end neighborhoods in St. Louis often look for the presence of security guards. The extra sense of security a guard gives helps residents feel relaxed and calm.

Are you adequately protecting the assets and people entrusted to your care? No one likes to find out the hard way that they neglected a critical aspect of security.

Security Guards Do More than Deter Crime

Did you know that private security companies do more than just deter property crimes and violent behavior? A private security company also reviews other key safety features like fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and tornado plans. According to the St Louis City Emergency Management Agency, having plans and exit strategies and working alarm systems greatly reduces damage from natural disasters and other emergency situations.

At Twin City Security in St. Louis (TCS-St. Louis), we take the safety of our clients and protecting their assets very seriously. We reduce the likelihood of man-made emergencies by establishing safe procedures. We are also part of the first response team for natural disasters.

Types of Security Guards

Every security guard is trained to be vigilant and deter crime and accidents. Every security guard shows up to work on time and projects a professional image. But certain locations and industries in St. Louis and St. Charles require security guards with specialized training. We have security guards with expertise in such fields as:

  • Public relations

  • Sophisticated technology

  • Carrying arms

  • Hazardous material

  • Sensitive information

  • Medical waste

  • High volume visitors

  • Special events

  • Civilian law enforcement

  • Defusing disorderly conduct

  • Restricting access

If you don't see your particular need here, please call us. With our incredible talent base and training program, we usually find the right security guard or team of guards to fit every client.

How Does TCS-St. Louis Consistently Recruit Excellent Security Guards?

We know our guards are the most important part of our business plan. Clients want guards with a high degree of professional satisfaction, a strong sense of ethics, and the best training available. Settling for less greatly affects the quality of the protection provided. To earn our nearly 100% client satisfaction record we recruit and train the best security guards in St. Louis. They are proud to wear the TCS-St. Louis badge. Our recruitment and management practices include:

  • Offering a competitive pay, benefits, and vacation time

  • Doing thorough screenings before hiring

  • Offering incentive programs designed for excellence

  • Training with the proprietary TCS-St. Louis methods

  • Continuing the training with site-specific education

  • Providing support from our 24 hour dispatch and monitoring system

  • Providing a professional uniform and uniform cleaning allowance

  • Requiring a pledge to high ethical and moral standards

We Set the Bar for Security in St. Louis

To experience why St. Louis and St. Charles clients trust Twin City Security, call us on 314-432-3800 to get a referral list.