Security Services St Louis

Security Services St Louis

Twin City Security Offers Many Security Services in St. Louis

Getting the best security for the best price requires matching every security need to the most appropriate and cost effective security solution. We, the experts at Twin City Security, do a three point assessment of every client’s security needs. This assessment gives us valuable information so we can give expert recommendations. Our assessment evaluates the security need based on:

  • Industry

  • Location

  • Physical property

Industry Standards Impact Security Services

Public spaces like malls, airports, and schools have a lot of people coming and going and access is often uncontrolled. A guard in a public place must have the skills to enforce rules and be helpful. A strong public relations background is required.

A vacant lot or a construction zone does not have the same issues. A marked vehicle patrol might be sufficient and save the business valuable money. A store that closes in the evening, may need a combination of security services to cover peak hours and off-hours efficiently.

Corporate offices, industrial plants, and some government buildings only allow employees and a few visitors to enter. These locations need gatekeeping security services. Some factories need guards with specialized training in hazardous material, fire dangers, and cleanroom protocols.

Regardless of your industry, TCS-St. Louis has a security option to meet your needs. We customize every contract. Only pay for the security services fitting your specific industry needs. We have been exceeding client expectations across diverse industries in St. Louis and St. Charles since 1998.

The Facility Location Impacts Security Services

Crime statistics show more crimes happen in the central and south neighborhoods than other neighborhoods. At TCS-St. Louis we evaluate the local history and demographic to figure out the optimum security solutions. Thieves looking for quick cash require a different deterrent than do rowdy individuals disturbing the peace. Hyde Park needs different security services than Benton Park does. You don't want to waste money on the wrong ineffective or unnecessary security services.

The Condition of the Physical Property Impacts Security Services

Every building has characteristics that affect a security guard's ability to protect the people in it. Buildings, like schools and offices, with plenty of windows and several entrances, are easy to evacuate in a fire. But those same characteristics make it more difficult to keep out unwanted visitors. During our assessment we will look for ways to minimize security threats, working within the parameters of your building limitations.

Get a Customized Package of Security Services

Twin City Security uses its years in the security industry and knowledge of the local area to tailor a security plan that maximizes your security budget. Facility managers trying to save money and operate their own security often spend more money and waste time. Even worse, inexperience often leaves a place vulnerable to risks that could be prevented.

Consider TCS-St. Louis for fulfilling the following security services:

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