Unarmed Security Guard - St Louis

Unarmed Security Guards Offer Great Protection

Unarmed Security Guard St Louis Consider the benefits of hiring unarmed security guards. At Twin City Security, our unarmed security guards are very competent at providing excellent protection against crimes and carelessness.

If you manage a bank, a jewelry store, or a pharmacy, in a high crime neighborhood consider investing in an armed guard. But if you manage a different type of facility, getting your protection from unarmed security guards is a very practical solution. Facilities that contract unarmed security guards include:

  • Retail locations

  • Malls

  • College campuses

  • Apartment buildings

  • Neighborhood HOAs

  • Vacant properties

  • High-rise buildings

  • Construction zones

  • Industrial plant

  • Office complexes

  • Government buildings

Contracting with Twin City Security Can Save Money

Of course, every security solution carries some upfront costs. But the cost of a raging fire or a crime are much higher. These events often put businesses out of commission, costing many thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Unarmed security guards proactively protect your assets and people from catastrophic events. Unarmed security guards preventative measures may even lead to a reduction in your insurance premiums and protect the building owner from some legal liabilities. These are a few duties a guard can do to prevent property loss and to keep people safe.

  • A guard will write reports about facility improvements needed to improve security. Reports include items like replacing burned out light bulbs, fixing broken fences, updating alarm systems and fixing broken locks. The communication saves facility managers time and greatly reduces security threats.

  • A guard will monitor employees and visitors entering and/or exiting a workplace. People will be much less tempted to engage in unlawful actions when their IDs are being checked.

  • A guard will monitor closed circuit television for unusual activity. A quick response to any incident or emergency greatly reduces its potential emotional and fiscal impact. Imagine someone having a heart attack on your premises. A guard who sees them on CCTV will be able to get that person immediate attention, potentially saving that person's life.

  • A guard will patrol the grounds in a uniform or marked vehicle. Petty criminals will choose easy targets. Visible security guards deter most thieves and vandals. Even petty crimes can be very expensive.

  • Twin City Security can help you create emergency preparedness plans and evacuation strategies. A detailed plan reduces panic and gives everyone a role to play in the event of an emergency. The plan might easily save lives and assets.

Training and Supporting Every Guard Keeps Clients Satisfied

All clients get the benefit of around-the-clock post monitoring. All guards have the support of our 24 hour dispatch team. When you become our client, we will monitor your post 24 hours a day.

At TCS-St. Louis, we take pride in the quality of our guards. We routinely check in with the clients and the guards to remain the leader in quality security in the St. Louis area. Our management team will focus on your security so you can focus on your job.

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